Sunday, September 23, 2007

Belong. A song.

It's a song. this is not the proper experience of it, but I think it's pretty good as a poem too.

Its all been done before
Nothing original, nothing compelling
But still I reach for more
Nothing will satisfy, restless and reckless I
 Reach for the gold at the end of the road
 Hoping there’s still something left there for me
 A moment of truth but yet something is missing

The drive for success is a symptom of pride
The end’s the beginning of the other side
Now that I’m here I am somewhere where I don’t belong

Lists of projects compiled in haste
Some are repeated; none are completed
Is it too much to just want a taste?
I’m frustrated, prostrate, uncertain and bound yet I
 Reach for the stars at the top of the sky
 Blocked by the gloom of the clouds in the night
 I can see nothing, a word full of nothing

When I was younger I thought I was wise
My inspiration was my guarded prize
And by its light I have walked to where I don’t belong

It’s stormy, it’s steamy
Its beauty is cold
Regret makes my heart beat
At least there is something still there
Where am I?

Sounds of the city streets screaming in pain…

We’ve reached a fork at the end of the road
Jump to conclusions, the future untold
Far from the goal but yet closer by steps
Even if you have traversed the whole world
Sailed all the oceans and kissed all the girls
The wave that you’ve left in your wake will soon settle
Into naught

A quick review of the deeds you have done
For insight, for grace, for salvation or fun
How will I know if I lived my life rightly or wrong
I don’t know where I belong

© 2007 by Dave the Philosopher

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Wizen Up said...

Dang! That's deep, it's hard to write a song like that. Do you play the guitar?

By the way, I like your blog so much, I'm going to link to it, and this is me asking permission: Please??