Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ismism is the position that people's positions in debates must be identified with the nearest matching 'ism'. It is often used as a mental shortcut enabling one to rebut the ism with a canned refutation, or cancel the need to by invoking an emotional reaction, while ignoring the subtle issues of the individual case. It's opposite might be called 'issueism' by ismists.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

philosophy and the other disciplines

the difference between philosophy and other disciplines, is that in the other disciplines there are facts and arguments: You don't necessarily have to understand the argument in order to acquire the facts. In philosophy there are no facts without the arguments. If you don't understand the arguments, you have nothing.


People cry when they are sad and when they are overwhelmingly happy. What is the relation between these two kinds of emotional states that we respond similarly to them? Perhaps we cry when we feel an intense connection to some being; and the feeling of connection is evoked both when the being is experienced as intensely present or intensely absent.